Preparing for Surgery

To begin the process of getting your child authorized for Dental Surgery we will need the following information:

Referral from your child's Primary Dentist explaining in detail the treatment that was performed and reason treatment couldn't be performed on your child.
Medical & Dental Health Plan cards, as well as the child's social security card
Once you have # 1-3 requirements, please call our office to start the process.
Pre-operative form filled out by child's Primary Care Doctor. If the child has not had a physical within the last year, your primary physician may require an in office visit. 

Patients with Special Needs

We schedule the patient for a General Anesthesia evaluation with our Anesthesiologist. Once the evaluation is completed, the anesthesiologist will then determine if it is safe to treat the patient in our facility or refer the child to a hospital setting.

Patients with Private Insurance

We will first schedule an appointment for a complete exam and x-rays with the dentist and ask that you bring any x-rays done in another office within the last 3 months. Our dentist will then determine a dental treatment plan to submit to your dental & medical insurance companies for approval.

Authorization Process

After submission, the authorization process can take up to 3-6 weeks for an approval or denial. The Medical Insurance Specialist will then contact you the day of the approval or denial. 

We will also notify you of any financial responsibilities such as deductibles, co-pays, or percentages that are not covered by your insurance company for the surgery date.