Day of Surgery

(Important Information Please Read thoroughly) 

For Safety reasons, the surgical patient must have an empty stomach before the operation. Surgery will be canceled if the instructions below are not followed. 

  • No solid foods (including chewing gum and candy) after midnight the night before.
  • No liquid foods (water, milk, Kool-Aid or juice) after midnight the night before.
  • Please remove all jewelry, make up, nail polish prior to appointment.
  • Patients need to wear a short sleeve shirt and loose fitting clothes.
  • Be prepared to be here for 3-6 hours for treatment to be completed.


What to Bring

(Failure to bring these items may result in delayed or rescheduled appointment)


  • Completed pre-op or well child exam form from primary physician. (Requirement if the child has a diagnosed medical condition)
  • All Medical and Dental insurance cards for the patient. (Health Plan, Dental Plan, State Benefits Card, etc.)
  • Patient Social Security Card.
  • Parent/Guardian picture ID and Social Security Card.

  • A parent or guardian must accompany the child on the day of surgery.
  • If the legal guardian is someone other than the biological mother and/or father, the guardian must bring guardianship papers, court order, or a letter signed by the biological parent/s specifying consent for dental treatment and general anesthesia.
  • Since all our surgery patients cannot have anything to eat or drink, please be considerate and do not bring food or beverages into our waiting area/lobby.
  • Parent or guardian must remain on our premises while patient is in surgery.